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Jungsun Lim (J Lim) Jewellery Designer
Sore Finger - J Lim, Jewellery Designer

Exploring new things is always exciting, even though, filing, sawing, polishing and boric acid make my fingers a mass of sores. 


Jungsun Lim

Jewellery Designer  ·  Art Director

Adventurous creator


I started my career as a fashion designer at Samsung Corporation after I majored in Clothing and Textiles at Ewha Womans University in Seoul. For five years at Samsung, I designed men’s clothing for French brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent and Façonnable, learned production and strategy. Later I expanded my domain into web and culture design including graphic, content and art events. I co-founded a web community promoting social interactions through cultural events.

After two decades of a fashion and graphic design career, I started another exciting journey to discover inspirations as a jewellery designer.


'Sky' and 'Unexpectedness'


I am strongly affected by images and sounds. For me, they play many roles: as a cue for recalling the past and as a catalyst of the explosion of emotion. This explains why sounds, shapes, lines, dots, movements, lights and the colors that I have seen and experienced before are the sources of my work. Especially, the sky and unexpectedness sparks my inspiration and curiosity. 


I believe that the sky is the most magnificent work of art in the whole world. It shows different hues, tones, depths, and the shapes of the clouds at every moment. Specifically, the shade which is created by sunlight or moonlight inspires me a lot. 


I love unexpectedness such as people or paint or melody or something with an unexpected story. I am not interested in a foregone conclusion. This is why I like irregularity and it kindles my imagination. 

Handcrafted Art Jewellery


My pieces have unique 3 dimensional shapes with irregularity and dramatic change of angle created by wax carving, primitive casting and fabrication. 

Sterling silver and 10k yellow gold are the main material. Also, I like using Shibuichi which is an alloy of silver and copper since various colours can be achieved using the whole range of alloy compositions. I prefer the variation of the color and the texture on the surface to typical high polish on it. 


Most of my works are focused on the expression of the range of subtle muted shades affected by the natural light. Specifically, liver of sulfur (patina) plays important role to my works since it gives interesting effects such as the spread of the color and the shades like watercolors. 


Wearing Art


I believe wearing art is embedding one's belief inward and expressing it outward. Wearing art is carrying the physical method of healing, inspiration and liberation. People find the meaning of life through diverse forms of art such as music, painting and sculpture. My jewellery reflects such diverse art forms. I hope, for example, my David Bowie ring inspires someone as his ‘Life on Mars’ inspired me.



Mimi Khonsari Award for Design Innovation

Hope of Sierra Design Competition Honourable mention × 2

Detour Gold Corporation Awards

Crossworks Manufacturing Travel & Study Awards

Design and Visual Arts Scholarship Show 2015,2016



2016 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition


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