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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2016

I participated in Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2016 as an artist. It was a successful exhibition where I could learn a lot of things.

I met many wonderful arts, artists and new people. TOAE 2016‬ was amazing. Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition helped me to broaden my perspectives and the way that I think.

For the three days I was participating in the event, there were many people who liked my work. I had many conversations. I really appreciate these people and I want to thank these people.

I also want to say thanks to my customers and Peter, who brought me David Bowie posters and the precious postcard.

I am very excited for Artsburg Day at Clarksburg this Saturday (July 16th) and upcoming events at St. Lawrence Market in August, 2016. (Every Friday, Saturday)

#artshows #TorontoOutdoorArtExhibition

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